No peal, no crack, no chip

Odorless bathtub and shower tray reglazing with zero VOC

3 years warranty for free for commercial objects and 5 years warranty for residential objects

  • 15

    years of endurance after restoration
  • 5

    years of guarantee
  • 10

    times thicker than any spray painting

Advantages of our technology.

  • Resistant coating

    Our coating never wears out and cracks

  • Odorless Product

    There is no smell during restoration and after restoration

  • Mirror-like surface

    A smooth, glossy finish is applied creating the surface like a mirror

  • Multiple finishcoating

    The thickness of our finishcoating is multiple times more than spray coating

  • Acrylic Epoxy

    Odorless bathtub reglazing, no toxic fumes

Stages of Work.

  • 1


    You call or order a call back

  • 2


    We calculate the cost of restoration services

  • 3


    We arrive at the agreed time

  • 4


    We provide up to 5 years warranty

Our samples.
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