Bathtub is made for your pleasure

That it can be done by practicaliy anyone.

for private customers.

  • Odorless Process & product

    No need for ventilation. Eco-friendly.

  • Doesn’t peel off

    No peeling under bath mats with suction cups or with faucet leaks.

  • 20 years life expectancy

  • Pour-on application

    No lines, drips, or orange peel marks. Smooth, mirror-like surface.

Advantage financially.

Let’s look over two possible options:

  • 01. Spray method of reglazing

    The average price to restore a bathtub with professionals who use spray method of reglazing is about $ 360 around New York city area. The average life expectancy of a spray resurfaced tub is 1-2 years. To reglaze one bathtub once a year for 5 years period of time comes down to $360 x 5 years = $ 1800. Once every two years for 5 years period of time is $360 x 2.5 = $900

    With Spray method of reglazing

    • 1 bathtub
      1 year


    • 1 bathtub
      5 years


  • 02. Ecoreglaze method

    Average price to restore a bathtub with Ecoreglaze professionals who use acrylic epoxy pour on application is about $500 around New York city area. Tub restored by EcoGlaze pros lasts in average much more than 5 years. To refinish one bathtub once for 5 years period of time comes down $500 x 1 = $500.

    With Ecoreglaze professional reglazing

    • 1 bathtub
      5 years



    With EcoGlaze professional reglazing you save $400 ($900- $500) on just 1 bath if you paint the bathtub once every 2 years. Even better, if you paint baths every 1 year, you can save $1300 ($1800 - $500) on just 1 bathtub.


    This is how much you can save on one tub in five years if you use our professional reglazing service.

    It’s about from $80 to $260 per 1 year.

Video instruction.

In this video you can see how easy it is to update the bathroom yourself.

  • Odorless Process & product

  • Gleaming white color

  • 20-x times thicker than spray

  • Made in the USA

  • Advanced odorless formula

care information.

  • 01

    A weekly cleaning is essential to keep your new or refurbished tub looking its best. Remove all debris using a soft cloth andavoid scouring pads and abrasive cleaners that can damage the finish.

  • 02

    The use of any cleaners containing ammonia or BLEACH, wire brushes, harsh abrasives will dull the bathroom finish. Therefore, it is better not to use them.

  • 03

    Use only recommended products, do not ignore the instructions for cleaning products. Try to test the new product on a small area of the bathtub before applying it to the entire surface.

  • 04

    Any cleaning agent with prolonged exposure spoils the surface. After using it, you must thoroughly wash the bath.

  • 05

    The automatic air freshener spray system can leave stains on the surface because it is produced in the same place.

  • 06

    It is better to use liquid drain cleaners. Drip chemicals into the funnel slowly, trying not to get on the surface of the bath. In case of contact, immediately remove the cleaner with a cloth.

  • 07

    f you are bathing a dog or other pet in the tub, place a rubber mat on the bottom. So the animal will be more comfortable, and the surface of the bath will not be scratched by claws.

  • 08

    Do not store products such as soaps and shampoos on the edge of the bath, as they can adversely affect the surface over time.

  • 09

    When bathing children, it is better to use soft rubber toys.

  • 10

    If you use a bath mat, then after bathing, be sure to remove it from the bottom, as water trapped under the suction cups spoils the surface over time.

Recommended products

Download care instruction

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  • Tilex Daily Shower

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  • Pure Baking Soda


  • Multi Surface Bathrom Cleaner

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