Bathtub restoration

The bathroom is a place where people can relax, rest and get clean. The bathtub is the most important element in this room and its technical condition directly affects the possibility of using the room for its original purpose. The bathtub is not usually a thing, which requires gentle care, but over time and constant exposure to various chemicals, its covering gets worn, becomes scuffed and brings visual and physical discomfort to its owner. Bathtub restoration not only saves money, it also completely transforms an already worn out bathtub, returning it to its previous shine and bright colour and does not affect the usability of the bathtub.

The company ””, is engaged in the restoration of damaged bathtub coverings, shower tray and sink restoration of any type. We use only high quality, non-toxic materials that can last a long time. All work can be carried out in the presence of the home’s owners, without any risk to health. The coating method we use is absolutely smell-free and safe to use.

Advanced restoration method

At “Looksnicebath” company, work only professionals. We are familiar with all known bathtub resurfacing methods and relying on big experience in this sphere, make only the best offer for our customers.

Such an expensive interior object, can be restored qualitatively! The technology we use makes it possible to get an excellent result, at an affordable price. The strengths of our method are:

  • Easy application and high quality of the final coating. The entire procedure takes very little time and can be completed within 3-4 hours;
  • Compared to other restoration methods, including spray, the surface is perfectly smooth, without any streaks, smudges or unevenness. The coating has a smooth and mirror-like surface;
  • During work, 0 VOC material does not emit any toxic gases or unpleasant smells. The renovation work can be carried out safely for all the people in the house;
  • The coating is very strong. Several times stronger than any other coating and at least 10 times thicker than spray paint.

We offer an affordable and professional bathtub reglazing service. For more information, please contact us using the contacts available on our website

Exploitation of the renovated bathtub

Once the restoration has been carried out by our specialists, there are no problems with the usage of this interior element for its original purpose. In contrast to spray coating, our repair technology keeps its properties, including its good appearance, for a long time. The coating will not decay or crack under normal use with standard care. The use of a mat is allowed – no suction cup marks will be left after using. The coating is resistant to hot or very cold water and to sudden temperature changes.

You can order a bathtub restoration by contacting us. We guarantee fast, high-quality and affordable repairs. Our consultants will be pleased to provide you with all the information about our current offers and available discounts. We can safely extend the life of the bathtub up to 12 years. Thanks to us, it will be a pleasure to use the bathtub as before, without any significant expenses.

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