My Transition from Spray Coating to the Innovative ‘Ekoglaze’ Method for Tile Restoration

A Client’s Perspective: Jake’s Story

‘Two years ago, I chose a company to update the tile in my bathroom. They offered a spray coating that seemed quick and convenient. Initially, the result looked good, but after a year and a half, the situation changed. The coating began to peel and crack, and the tiles looked even worse than before the restoration. I realized that it was necessary to seek an alternative method.









In search of a new solution, I stumbled upon the website of ‘Ekoglaze’ and learned about their epoxy coating method. Their promise of durability, safety, and high-quality coating intrigued me, and I decided to use their services.








The process with ‘Ekoglaze’ was surprisingly simple and comfortable. Unlike my previous experience with spray, the work was clean and safe. I was particularly pleased with the absence of toxic fumes during the application, which meant I didn’t have to leave my apartment.

Now that the work is completed, I am fully satisfied with the result. My tiles look absolutely new. The epoxy coating from ‘Ekoglaze’ not only restored the appearance of the tiles but also added a unique shine and smoothness. I am impressed by the durability and quality of this coating.

The most important thing is the confidence that the tile restoration will last for many years. ‘Ekoglaze’ provided a warranty for their work, and I feel that my tiles are in safe hands.

In conclusion, the transition from spray to the ‘Ekoglaze’ epoxy coating has been a real revelation for me. I received not only a magnificent appearance for the tiles but also confidence in their durability and safety. I thank ‘Ekoglaze’ for their professionalism and care for my comfort’.







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