The Evolution of Bathtub Enamel Restoration in America

The journey of bathtub enamel restoration in America has been a long one. From traditional methods like spray applications to more modern and innovative approaches such as the use of epoxy materials, this industry has significantly evolved, offering more effective and long-lasting solutions.

Early Methods:
Traditionally, bathtub enamel restoration in the USA was done using sprays. This method was accessible and straightforward to apply but had significant drawbacks, including the emission of toxic fumes, lack of durability in the coating, and limited quality of the finish.

European Innovations:
In Europe, a new approach was developed, which eventually gained popularity in the USA. This involved using epoxy resins for bathtub enamel restoration. This method not only addressed the toxicity issues associated with spray applications but also significantly improved the quality and durability of the coating.



Solved Problems:
The application of epoxy resins solved several key issues:

Durability: Epoxy coatings are much more robust and resistant to wear than traditional spray coatings.
Safety: Reduced toxicity levels due to the absence of harmful fumes.
Aesthetics: Improved quality of the finish, with a wider choice of colors and textures.
Environmentally Friendly: Decreased environmental impact.

The Role of Ekoglaze:
“Ekoglaze” has been one of the pioneers and market leaders in the development of epoxy materials for bathtub enamel restoration. In their own laboratory, the specialists at “Ekoglaze” conducted extensive work aimed at creating and refining epoxy resins, making them even more durable, safe, and eco-friendly. Their innovative approach and continuous research have helped set new standards in the bathtub restoration industry.

The evolution of bathtub enamel restoration methods in America reflects a drive towards more quality, safety, and eco-friendly solutions. The shift from sprays to epoxy resins marks a significant advancement in this field. “Ekoglaze” plays a key role in this process, contributing significantly to the development and improvement of bathtub restoration technologies.

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